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This is when I first came home.  I was about 6 weeks old.

This is my Mom and Dad and I guess my cousin!!! 
They like to dress me up so every year at Christmas I dress up like Santa Claus.  This picture was taken at Christmas on the Square in Coldspring, Texas.  This was my first time to dress like Santa.  The reason my Mom and Dad are dressed funny, is because they use to teach Clogging (dancing with taps) and were performing that day.\
See me!!! This is where I sleep in the daytime while my parents are gone.  I sleep in a big bed at night under the covers.  My parents buy me lots and lots of toy and my favorite toys are my Mom's house slippers.  I have so many that they  change them out from time to time so that I wil think I am getting new ones all the time.  My favorite ones at the presents itme are turtles.  My basket is loaded with toys.
Well here we are in New Orlean.  This is about my third Christmas and yes, I'm dressed in my cooler Santa Suit.  This clown wanted to have her picture taken with her.  Yes, usually it's the other way around.
Now really do I look like a Pierre!!!
I love to read books.  Mostly mysteries.
Here we go again, another time in New Orleans and I'm playing Santa
My mom loves to make me clothes and I  have about 50-60 outfits.  I was wearing this one in New Orleans and everything thought I was the LSU Mascot.
Where my mom likes to make clothes for me, my dad always wants to take my picture and on this day I got tired of taking pictures as you can see by my expression.
Mom thinks this one of my best pictures
My Favorite Recipe

Amount  Measure  
Ingredient -- Preparation Method 
--------  ------------  -------------------------------- 
2 1/2  pounds        beef skirt untrimmed-- untenderized, unscor flank steak 
One 8-oz bottle herbs and garlic oil-based 
   3        teaspoons chili powder 
   1 1/2  teaspoons garlic powder 
   2        tablespoons lemon pepper 
             small limes (juiced) 
   2        teaspoons cumin 
   1        large onion (minced) 
   1        teaspoon minced cilantro (or 
   1        teaspoon  Worcestershire sauce 
   1        teaspoon cayenne pepper 
   1        bay leaf 

Preheat pit. Mix all ingredients except beef together to make a marinade. 
Pour over meat in a non-reactive container. Cover and stir occasionally for 6-8 hours prior to cooking. Cook in either of these ways: 

If you have the space, smoke the fajitas for about 30 minutes with pure mesquite smoke, then cook over direct heat  mesquite coals are best) for about 4-7 minutes per side. Baste with marinade while cooking. 

Cook over direct heat (mesquite coals are best) for 6-10 minutes per side depending on how done you like your meat. Baste with marinade while cooking. 

Immediately slice meat (at a 45 deg diagonal cut to the grain of the meat). 
Serve with guacamole and pico de gallo in warm flour tortillas. Figure 1/2 lb. of meat and 3-4 flour tortillas per person.

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