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A little ealry but  thought  
this was great

It's the day before Christmas 
And all through the house
The puppies are squeaking An old rubber mouse.
The wreath which had merrily
 Hung on the door   Is scattered in pieces
 All over the floor.  The stockings that hung   In a neat little row
Now boast a hole in each one of the toes.
 The tree was subjected
To bright-eyed whims,
And now, although splendid,
 It's missing some limbs.
 I catch them and hold them.
   "Be good", I insist.   They lick me, then run off To see what they've missed.
  And now as I watch them The thought comes to me,
 That their's is the spirit
  That Christmas should be.
 Should children and puppies
 Yet show us the way, And teach us the joy That should come with this day?
 Could they bring the message
 That's written above,  
And tell us that, most of all
 Christmas is love!

 Author Unknown


         I think God saw how much trouble we go through  sometimes,  seemingly alone, and he took  a large dose of His unconditional love, wrapped it
 in a bit of silky fur, put a couple of adoring eyes on it, added a cute little button nose, a tongue for wet kisses and a waggy little tail.  He made it big enough to cuddles and not so big that it would overwhelm even the smallest child.  Then He breathed His Breath of life into it, sent it downwith His angels and gave it to the world so that we would always have a little of Him around to remind us that weare loved.